Public access and participation in the digital age, by and with the people of Hampton Roads, Virginia

A Code for America Brigade

Our Mission

“Use the principles and practices of the digital age to improve how government serves the American public, and how the public improves government” – Code for America

Our Focus

Improving government digital services and online public processes in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Our Work


We collaborate with government, community foundations, and civic groups throughout Hampton Roads to improve public access and participation. We get passionate about bridging digital divides in government services and improving civic participation through the internet. Learn More…
On a hunch we pulled in Code for Hampton Roads to see what they were all about. Two dozen hackers and 48 hours later, HRT Bus Finder was launched. Transit riders are still benefiting from the app today. That’s tangible value added to the cause of mobility! Philip Shucet

Former CEO, Hampton Roads Transit


Use your professional skills for civic good here at home. Connect with existing project teams or pursue your own civic initiative by coming to our Meetups and joining Code for VA on Slack. All skill sets welcome! Coding, graphic design, marketing, writing, social media, product management, events. Our volunteers are widely recognized for their contributions. Learn more…
Volunteering for Code for Hampton Roads helps me grow as a software developer while doing something good for my community, and I’ve learned more about how government works than I ever did in school. Blaine Price

Software Engineer, Cloudreach

Hire Us

Sometimes civic projects need dedicated resources for a short period. Some of our volunteers work on a freelance, contracted basis. Contact [email protected] to connect your civic projects with our members.

We’ve done two projects with the Code4HR team. They’re smart, which is what you’d expect. What sets them apart is they never lose sight of their ultimate goal — informing the community. David Poole

Executive Director, Virginia Public Access Project

Partner With Code For America

Go deep on local impact. Apply for a Community Fellowship. (email [email protected] to connect)